State of the Art Solar Panels that are printed out to Compete for Solar Power Market Share

Nanotech Engineering Inc is an innovative solutions manufacturer creating Solar Panels that are made from layered Graphene base, with Carbon Nanotube Forest on top with mineral solution. Cost effectiveness and performance will drive our panels through domestic and global markets and grab a large percent market share. Consumers and resellers reduce system costs, thus driving solar energy adoption in existing and new markets.

Our proprietary approach to industrial printing of Solar Panels through the use of a Graphene base with Carbon Nanotube Forest mixed with our proprietary minerals and patent pending process of blending the mineralized energy conductors minimizes our use of expensive, dangerous and redundant manufacturing equipment.

We produce our Graphene substructure with CN Forest independently from our mineral based. This allows us to locate panel printer factories across the world and ship our finished components to be printed out in a local area driving down production and shipping costs, as well as speeding up the process and keeping up with the demand.

Our State of the Art Printing Platform need only be replicated and sent to various markets. Along with the components the panels can now be assembled and printed out for immediate use. This system also allows for newly created panels to be shipped locally, cutting down on stocking, deterioration and enables a Superior Thermal Stability

Nanotech Engineering Inc’s new proprietary, next-generation technology platform, enables our technology roadmap to increase power conversion efficiencies to 60+ percent and surpassing current c-Si efficiency rates, while reducing total costs and enabling new applications. Our system delivers further optimization of our manufacturing flow to reduce the Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) saving costs to resellers and end users.

Nanotech Engineering Inc: Printed Solar Energy-Global

Our goal is to reach beyond domestic availability of our Solar Panels as demand for a highly efficient panel is brought onto the market. To meet this demand, we must stand ready with cost effective solutions for third party plants to print out our panels with ease and still maintain our high standards of performance and design.