Worlds first Photovoltaic made from the benefits of Nanotechnology

Nanotech Engineering Inc is a Nanotechnology Company that has invented a new way to generate energy. By employing Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, materials that move electrons many times faster than Silicon, we are able to create residential solar panels that are many times more efficient than the best Silicon based photovoltaic's. In addition we can generate self sustaining energy for cell phones, tablets, personal computers and other small electronics. Finally we can scale up to provide energy to applications that are very large.

Our photovoltaic's are cost efficient as they as inexpensive to produce. The result is a new way to generate energy, smaller, stronger, more cost efficient, with much higher performance.

We can produce Graphene sheets in any size, measure the plus and minus output, and match it with the application. This allows us to provide energy in a new way to many applications.

Our manufacturing process can be reproduced by us in other markets, or licensed out to others in foreign markets. This allows us to "Manufacturer" in any market, and ship locally without actually being there. This system also allows for newly created panels to be shipped locally, cutting down on stocking, deterioration and enables a Superior Thermal Stability

Nanotech Engineering Inc:  Solar Energy-Global

Our goal is to reach beyond the domestic availability of our Solar Panels as demand for a highly efficient panel is brought onto the market. To meet this demand, we must stand ready for cost-effective solutions for third party plants to produce our panels with ease and still maintain our high standards of performance and design.