We expect the Nanopanel™ to win many Environmental Awards. One of the main benefits of Solar isis lower carbon emissions and negative environmental impact.

However, the manufacturing of traditional Solar Panels literally offsets any benefits of using the panels themselves. There is a reason over 90% of silicon based solar panels are made in China and India, billowing smoke from making silicon, to toxic chemicals being released into the environment, the industry backers tend to turn their heads away from what is an obvious, negative impact to the environment.

On the other hand, the Nanopanel™ leaves virtually no carbon footprint in its manufacturing, and there are no toxic chemicals released into the environment. Our manufacturing process is more of “Assembling”, then traditional manufacturing, just an additional benefit of the world’s first solar panel based fully on Nanotechnology.

To date we’ve been nominated for Environmental Awards from:

Energy Globe Awards

We have been nominated by the Edison Awards for Invention of the Year, they waved the enrollment fee as they want the Nanopanel in the running.