While the Nanopanel™ is our signature product, we have invented a new way to generate energy. This cannot be over expressed.

As the first to file Patent Protection on Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes for a Photovoltaic, and create a solar panel based on Nanotechnology, the sky is the limit for different applications to produce energy in all aspects of our life.

Examples we have in the process are a small photovoltaic cell for cell phones, these small graphene cells go on the phone with the outside exposed. Once installed the Cell Phone user will never have to charge their cell phone, and is charged off of incandescent light as well as the Sun. We expect all Cell Phone manufacturers to order these cells from us.

We have licensed out our Graphene Golf Shafts to Omni Golf Inc., a new Golf Club manufacturer that will be breaking into that market with shafts that are more powerful and they whip back into place faster as the graphene corrects quicker than graphite or steel.

We have also developed a Photovoltaic cell that can charge a computer 24/7, once again the need for batteries and plugs will be a thing of the past.

With our method of producing energy using Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, there is virtually no limit to what we can create. While we do not yet have working models, we can and will create very large panels that can provide enormous amounts of energy, enough for use on airliners, space shuttles, and satellites.