Nanotech Engineering Inc., a Nanotechnology company, can work with your company to add Graphene to your products.

Currently, we are working with a new Golf Club Manufacturer, Omni Golf Inc. to add Graphene in their golf shafts. By adding Graphene the shafts have a “Spring Back” action that increases the club head speed dramatically. While Golf club heads have regulations as to how “Hot” they are, there is no such regulation in regard to shafts, so not only will they have a shaft that has increased speed over the best shafts available on the market, but there will be next to zero torque, allowing golfers to play Graphite and have the benefits of Steel.

Graphene is the material of the future, it’s presently being used in many industries, Head Sports uses Graphene in the throat of it’s Tennis Rackets with increased strength and stability.

Some of the benefits of Graphene are:

  • It is the thinnest material known and the strongest.
  • While stronger than steel it is also flexible.
  • It is conductive, moving energy hundreds of times faster than Silicon. Silicon is what’s used in photovoltaics and semiconductors because of It’s great speed in exciting electrons.
  • It is a superb conductor of both heat and electricity.
  • It is used in the production of high speed electronic devices.
  • It is used for structural support in many different applications.
  • Membranes for more efficient separation of gases.
    These membranes are made from sheets from which Nano scale pores have been created.
  • Transistors that operate at higher frequency as compared to others.
  • Used in the production of lithium-ion batteries that recharge faster. These batteries use graphene on the anode surface.
  • Storing Hydrogen for fuel cell powered cars.




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