Opportunities for students and new graduates

At Nanotech Engineering, our evolution has been driven by the spirit of innovation that is part of our DNA. As a new college graduate or intern, you can have multiple opportunities to innovate and solve real-world, complex technical and business problems as you join us on our journey.

We strive to hire the brightest minds from universities around the globe, and have various career opportunities available for undergraduates and advanced degree students with diverse academic backgrounds.

The work environment here is fast-paced and continually evolving, and every Nanotech employee is passionate about ownership and delivering results for the company. If you want to work in an environment that will challenge you to relentlessly improve Nanotech Engineering, working on the cutting edge of scientific advancement.

We are “Out of the box” thinkers, and believe innovations comes from imagination, creative imagination to new products and services that benefit people and the environment. If you are that person, contact us.


Other Opportunities

Nanotech Engineering Inc. was founded by Scientists, we think in terms of Science, development and how to make a better world. If you have interest, Scientist or not, we’re presently looking for thinkers, those that are able to use logic and be creative, out of box thinkers.