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Nanotech Engineering Inc has invented the world's first Solar Panel based on the science of Nanotechnology. By using Graphene layers as a substructure and a Carbon Nanotube Forest on top, we have the world's first working Solar Panel based completely on Nanotechnology Stronger than steel. Stronger than steel, it is also lightweight, corrosion proof, it is more efficient than the best Solar Panels on the market today

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Finance Office

Layers of Graphene are blended  in our proprietary process to make our substructure. Our manufacturing is more a manipulation of Atoms then traditional manufacturing. This is a good thing for those concerned about the Environment as our manufacturing is more assembling.

While the promise of Nanotechnology through manipulation at the atomic level has been on the horizon for decades, it is now a reality in almost every market. Look up an industry and you will see that there is either a Nanotechnology application in research or development.

Nanotech Engineering Inc is using Nanotechnology to solve a long-desired application, the use of the Sun for energy. Through the use of Nano Materials, we can harness much of the Suns energy on a solar panel the size of a large FedEx envelope.